We are proud to have worked on an eclectic mix of projects from modern / contemporary cafe spaces through to art deco styled bars and everything in between.  We have the design ability to create any style of interior, we are certainly not a one-trick pony when it comes to creating our interiors. 

Below are some examples of our project designs to give you an idea of the work we would produce for you should you wish to use us as your appointed designer and fit-out contractor

Hospitality interior design is in our blood. It's our passion and we can't wait to help with your next project. 

Community Cafe, London

Community Cafe, London

Clover Cafe

Museum Cafe, Manchester

Hospital Cafe, Southampton

Private Hospital, Surrey

High Street Coffee Shop, Shropshire

Randalls American Fare, Franchise Concept

Hospital Restaurant / Cafe - Lincoln

Hospital Restaurant / Cafe - Lincoln

Staff Cafe, London

Garden Centre, Plymouth

Staff Restaurant, Staffordshire

Cafe Resto

Staff Restaurant, Glasgow

Brazilian Fast Food, Franchise Concept

Staff Restaurant, Crewe

Care Home Bistro Cafe, Essex

High Street Coffee Shop, Shropshire

Theatre Restaurant Cafe, Cheltenham

Care Home Bistro, Solihull


We are a specialist designer to the foodservice and hospitality industry. We design commercial kitchens, bars, food servery counters and contract furniture layouts for any business that serves food and drink.


Design Catering Associates

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We don't really work set hours so if you want to get in touch just call us whenever is convenient. Unless convenient to you is 3am!

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