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we design, supply and install complete kitchen extract ventilation systems

Design, Supply and Installation

We design, supply, and install complete commercial kitchen extract ventilation systems in line with the current DW172 Second Edition standards and best practices. 

All systems are designed, manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of HVCA, B&ES Specification DW172 for Kitchen Ventilation Systems.

Canopies are manufactured form type 304 grade, silicone polished Stainless Steel material, with fully welded corners as standard.

Competitive pricing, whilst maintaining high quality standards to ensure your kitchen scheme looks as good as it operates.

  • System design, manufacture and installation.

  • Spigot only or full system solutions.

  • Extract only.

  • Extract and supply air.

  • Dishwasher condense canopies.

  • Service distribution Units (SDU’s)

  • Ventilated ceilings.

  • Stainless Steel wall cladding.

  • Gas interlock panels.

  • Noise control.

  • Ozone, U.V. & Carbon filter odour control systems. 

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Commercial Kitchen Canopies

We manufacture a wide range of fully bespoke extraction ventilation canopies designed and built to suit each client's individual situation. 

All our extraction canopies are manufactured from 304 grade Stainless Steel which is the DW172 recommended material. 

99% of the canopies we install are either wall-mounted or island mounted with a central service spine with risers. 

Canopies feature a full-length extract plenum, which we then fit with stainless steel baffle type grease filters and grease drainage collection drawers.

Extract only and extract and supply air canopies are available depending on site conditions. 

Fresh air supply canopies feature a full-length plenum complete with perforated stainless steel panels to the front face of the hood to provide evenly distributed airflow. 

All canopy joints are fully welded which ensures our canopies are built to last. 

Our canopies are installed with either round LED or Fluorescent recessed lighting fixtures depending on client preference. Lights are steam, heat and greaseproof and calculated to provide at least 500 lux of light to the cookline below.  

Depending on ceiling heights we supply and install Infill panels above the top perimeter of the canopy to fill the gap between the top of the hood and the finished ceiling level. Provides a more professional finish overall. 

complete extract ventilation systems

We design, manufacture, install & commission full commercial kitchen extract ventilation systems for any type of commercial kitchen. 

A basic commercial kitchen extract ventilation system consists of the following components:-


  • Canopy with baffle filters and grease collection drawers. 

  • Extraction fan with associated ducting. Ducting can be fire rated if required by building control and the fire office. 

  • Fresh air input fan with associated ducting. 

  • Fan speed controllers to regulate the speed of the fans.

  • Gas interlock panel connected to the fans. The above is what is required on a basic system. More complex systems also required some of all of the following components:-

  • Odour control systems including Ozone, ESP & carbon. 

  • Fresh air heater battery - either electric or low-pressure hot water coils.

  •  Island canopies generally include a stainless steel service spine with risers.

Still unsure who is best to handle your restaurant Project? Let's arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss in more detail. 
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