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Slush machines were invented in the 1950's and the delicious iced beverages they produced became highly popular with the younger crowd and as a result became very popular with businesses looking to benefit from an extremely high margin product. 

In a nutshell, a commercial slush machine is designed to create and dispense slush. Slushy machines give you the opportunity to expand your drinks menu and increase your profits all with one new machine. 

Our range of slush machines give provide a real positive impact The visual impact that a frozen slushy or granita machine creates can be a massive marketing tool, really drawing customers attention and creating a focal point. What’s more, unlike refrigerated drinks dispensers that must be emptied at the end of the day and refilled the following morning, slush can be left in the machine overnight.

If considering expanding into the slushie market, you will soon notice that machines can be quite pricy and are not cheap to set-up. Don’t let this put you off the idea: remember that slush drinks can withstand a substantial mark-up so although that initial outlay may be high, you will soon reap the rewards and see a generous return on investment (ROI).


Top Tip: It’s not only the basic slush itself that could become a blossoming new stream of revenue, with standard options of flavour or size. Investing in a slush machine also opens new possibilities such as the chance for customers to upgrade their beverage with edible straws or novelty reusable slush containers. This means that profits can stretch to so much more than the product itself.


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To enquire about fire suppression or any of our services please get in touch today.