The restaurant, cafe and Bistro dining room can either be casual or formal depending on the menu and style of the venue. Either way it is the main feature point of most food service businesses. The choice of seating and tables is very important and needs to reflect the type of establishment your are operating. Quick service restaurants for example often prefer to choose seating that makes guest feel comfortable but not for too long as they expect a high turnover of covers. High end restaurants select quality, luxury feel furniture as it reflects the quality of their food and their guests are expected to be seating for many hours.

tyle is one thing but durability and clean-ability is of utmost importance for any restaurant. Some seating will have nice design details which look great to start with but operators often find they become traps for crumbs and end up becoming difficult to clean. Faux leather, all wood and polypropylene chairs are super easy to clean throughout dinner and lunch service as they require a simple wipe down. Upholstered fabric dining chairs, even treated with stain replants, is not so easy to keep clean so this should be kept in mind when selecting dining room chairs for your business.

When thinking of creating a brand new dining room one of the most important things to consider is the space planning. Making the most out of the available space through careful design planning and ensuring guests feel comfortable and not crammed in. The space available, budget and need for flexibility all dictate the type of restaurant seating that is to be used.

Restaurant booths and banquette seating often save space look amazing and are firm favourite with restaurant owners and guests alike but they dont offer the same flexibility as loose tables & chairs. Loose tables and chairs can be maneuvered to create seating for large parties whereas fixed seating can not.


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