A well designed, correctly specified commercial kitchen is the heart of all food service businesses. 

Our consultancy has over 15 years of experience in commercial kitchen design during this time we have designed commercial kitchens for most types of foodservice operators from small cafes and restaurants through to large banquet and mass catering facilities and everything in between. 

There are three prime considerations we take into account when beginning a new kitchen design:

Service requirement:

We consider the type of service the kitchen has to provide - how many are being served, whether it is a la carte menu, plated service, self-service, or cafeteria-style etc.

Space available:

Is the space allocated sufficient to fit in the equipment required?


We ascertain from the start an accurate idea of spend available.

Once we have a clear understanding of these considerations, the consultancy will structure the design around the service requirement, while satisfying the codes of practice of food hygiene and handling, and complying with statutory legislation.


Our consultancy has close links with most of the market-leading catering manufacturers; this ensures we keep abreast of all the latest developments. Additionally, through our extensive links, we are able to help our clients get “best value” for all equipment purchases.

Hotel Main Kitchen, West Midlands

Hotel Restaurant Kitchen - Paris
Hotel Restaurant Kitchen - Paris
Hotel Kitchen Design - Midlands
Care Home Kitchen Design - Surrey
Care Home Kitchen Design - Surrey
Hotel Kitchen Pass - Midlands
Hotel Kitchen
Care Home - Surrey
Pastry Prep Room - Hotel Kitchen
Care Home - Peterborough
Care Home Prep Area - South Staffs
Cafe Kitchen Wash Up - Liverpool
Care Home Kitchen - South Staffs
Care Home Kitchen - South Staffs
Cook Island - London
Small Pub Pass - Manchester
Hotel Kitchen - Coventry
Golf Leisure Facility - Newcastle
Hospital Cafe - Sandwell
Care Home Kitchen - Solihull
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We are a specialist designer to the foodservice and hospitality industry. We design commercial kitchens, bars, food servery counters and contract furniture layouts for any business that serves food and drink.


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Hotel Restaurant Kitchen - Paris