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deep cleaning of commercial kitchens and extraction systems

We provide a range of professional cleaning services to foodservice operators including deep cleaning of catering appliances and extract ventilation systems. 

Foodservice operators understand the importance of maintaining a clean, organised and hygienic work area. 

At some point in time, all commercial kitchens will require the following to meet health and safety standards and to keep functioning efficiently. 

  • Full deep clean of walls, surfaces and flooring.

  • Deep cleaning of catering equipment. 

  • Canopy and duct cleaning to TR-19 standards

  • Supply and fixing of inspection hatches if not currently in place. 

We know it can be tempting to delegate cleaning duties to kitchen staff as they are already on the payroll but in our experience, this can lead to delays in food production and loss of profit overall as people can get bogged down in these tasks and lose precious time spent on their own roles.


We can provide you with a cleaning quotation from photographs to speed up the process. *subject to site survey 

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